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Club Info
The club call sign WB6RER was obtained from Andy Devine.
It's meaning is - "whiskey bravo six red eyed rooster".

Please follow the link to Andy Devine's page to learn more.
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     The Hualapai Amateur Radio Club meets the first Wednesday of each month at the Northern Arizona Consolidated Fire Station located at 2485 Northern Avenue, Kingman, AZ at 6 PM with the exception of December.  (Please note the new location and time!) 

We also meet on the third Saturday of the month at the Flying J Denny's at 7:00 am in the back room.
Flying J Denny's is located at 3300 E. Andy Devine in Kingman, AZ.

Club dues are due yearly in January.  Membership is $25 for a single and $35 for a family with or without children.  For new members, the dues are prorated at $2 per month.

We now have ID badges which are an additional $6 each.  The badges are made locally and can be paid along with your membership dues.