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Hualapai Amateur Radio Club

News & Events - February 2020

Swap Meet

At the February meeting, the subject of a swap meet was once again in discussion. The ideal situation of course, would be a full fledged hamfest. However, there is a lot more to a hamfest than simply setting a date. That said, there remains a great deal of interest for a Hamfest, so the idea is not off the table.

This year, however, we will have a swap meet which serves the basic desires of a Hamfest with far less logistical and organizational issues. A date and location has not been set, but there was discussion on said logistics as well as the idea of partnering with one or more of the area organizations in the hopes of making the event more successful.

On a personal note, the Kingman area is overdue for both a hamfest and smaller swap meet events, so I am looking forward to progress in the effort.

Personal Auction (UPDATE 02-10-2020)

Bobby Aquilera, KA7WDR, had a successful mini-fest at his home over the weekend.

There was quite a bit of equipment and, if I understood Bobby correctly, there is still equipment to be had and more on the way for another event!

Bobby made a point of coming onto the local chat frequencies to thank all who participated!

Net Ideas...

In addition to the club's weekly 2 meter and 40M nets, the idea of a 10M net has been suggested. The intention here is to get Technician class operators active on HF/SSB. Support for the idea was high and so this will happen. There is some potential fun in this as we are (allegedly) heading into the next solar cycle, so band conditions should begin improving over the next few years, not to mention that 10M isn't completely dead.

Walt Fortune, N7ANO, further suggested that the net be held using AM. That could actually be a lot of fun as well, especially if you have never operated AM, at least using a ham rig. Pretty sure everyone at one time or another has used CB. So here is a chance to legally crank up the power. LOL!

The net idea specifically targets Technicians, so the idea of AM initially didn't seem possible as that mode typically resides in the vicinity of 29MHz and, Technicians can't go above 28.5 in the 10 meter band. However, as Walt correctly pointed out, phone is phone and so there is (legally) no issue with AM operations in the 28.3-28.5 section of the band. That said, thought will need to be given as to where in that segment, AM would not draw any criticism. Thinking something on or about 28.350, but some research still needs to be done.

The only other consideration with AM, is that some radios don't have AM as a mode option. Given that, perhaps the initial nets will be SSB. Nothing here is cast in stone as this is just getting off the ground.

Lastly, this will not simply be a roll call type net. Conceptually, there will indeed be a roll call. However, the idea here is to 'rag chew' and so perhaps a topic of discussion can be decided at roll call and a round-table would follow.

BTW, I, (your webmaster), typically have the radios running during the day (while home). In addition to 146.580 (FM Simplex) and the KA6NLS 6 meter repeater, I also monitor 28.400 (SSB calling frequency). So if anyone ever wants to try 10M SSB, just put out a CQ and if I am available, you will get a reply.


The weekly "Hams-N-Eggs" breakfast, created by John Simpkins, KD6GNP, continues to grown in popularity.

To be sure this is not a Hualapai club event. Indeed, I have repeatedly referred to it as a "nondenominational" gathering of area amateur radio operators (and non-hams) with no affiliation to any club. We talk about everything, exchange ideas and, just get to know each other.

Hams-N-Eggs is held every Saturday morning at 8:00AM in back room of the Flying-J Denny's, located inside the Flying-J Travel Center, 3300 E Andy Devine Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401. (Not to be confused with the stand alone Denny's across the street.)

Come Join The Fun!

Until Next Month!

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