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Hualapai Amateur Radio Club

News & Events - January 2020

Welcome to 2020!

2019 and another decade is behind us!

Seems as if everybody had a good holiday season and so lets get into the coming year!

Club Bylaws

There will be another bylaws committee meeting at 11:00AM on Saturday January 18 at Alyce and Tom Ingles' home. This will be a followup meeting to the original. More participation would be nice if you have the time. Even if you cannot participate directly as part the committee, all club members should provide input to the process in the form of comments and questions.

Contact Alyce Ingle, or any other club officer, for details of the meeting location.


Despite some initial requests for it, there have no items offered up for the swap page. Rather than having to recreate it later, I am choosing, with permission from the club, to make it dormant (taking it off the menu) until such time as there is active interest.

I am always looking for input for the news page. If you have something to share, news, information, a project, anything that you think others might be interested in... If there is something you would like to see, a how to kinda thing. Send it to me (webmaster) and it will get posted.

2-meter Net

The 2-meter weekly net, which had previously been held on Sunday at 6:00 PM, was moved (in December) to Tuesday evenings at 7:00 PM. This aligns the club's two nets so that the 40M SSB net follows the 2-meter (FM) net at 7:30 PM (7240 KHz, up 2.5 KHz if frequency is occupied).

Mark your calendars!

Mid-Month Social

After some discussion at the monthly meeting, the 'official' Hualapai breakfast (Mid-Month Social) has once again been mothballed until such time as it is again deemed viable.

The weekly "Hams-N-Eggs" breakfast, created by John Simpkins, KD6GNP, has grown substantially, most likely due to it being a weekly (Each Saturday at 8:00AM) gathering and, as I like to say, "nondenominational" (No affliliation with any club).

"Hams-N-Eggs" meets the intention of the original Hualapai breakfast, which is to provide alternative opportunities (beyond the monthly club meetings) for area visitors, licensed or not, including and especially, prospective amateurs, to meet with and get to know the local amateur community.

So despite this not being a Hualapia event, the club nevertheless recognizes what John has created and will continue to promote it.

Speaking of Hams-N-Eggs...

As noted above, participation in Hams-N-Eggs has continued to grow and so it has, somewhat ironically from a Hualapia perspective, been moved to the (Banquet) back room of the Flying-J Dennys, located inside the Flying-J Travel Center, 3300 E Andy Devine Ave, Kingman, AZ 86401. Not to be confused with the stand alone Denny's across the street. Hams-N-Eggs meets every Saturday at 8:00AM.

The Airport cafe was good, but it was becoming clear they were a bit overwhelmed by large, growing, groups.

Until Next Month!

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