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Hualapai Amateur Radio Club

News & Events - December 2019

Christmas Gathering!

The Christmas Gathering (dinner) was a wonderful success. There was a great turnout on the part of the membership which only added to the overall success! So much so, that we ended up in the main dining area of the Hot Rod Cafe, as the turnout exceeded the private room's capacity!

So again, great event people! You made that happen!!!

Club Bylaws

The bylaws committee held a meeting and was able to get through all of the material. A proposed new document will be produced and, after the committee members review and approve, will put before the membership for ratification.

In actual fact, there were very few changes and some minor rewording to clarify certain sections.


I am continually making changes to the site. As I have stated previously, that is going to continue well into next year.

We have a new look, as you might now notice. To be sure, it was always my intention to give the site a more 'contemporary' look, and some anonymous complaints motivated me to accelerate that process. (patience people!)

We do now have a functional "Swap and Shop" section on the site. So, if you have something (radio related) to sell, trade, or if you are looking for something (again, radio related), just follow the procedure on the Swap and Shop page and it will get posted.

I am still looking for input for the news page (where you are at now). If you have something, news, information, a project, anything that you think others would be interested in... If there is something you would like to see, a how to kinda thing. Send it to me and it will get posted.

2-meter Net

The 2-meter weekly net, which had been held on Sunday at 6:00 PM, has been moved to Tuesday evening at 7:00 PM. This aligns the club's two nets so that the 40M SSB net follows the 2-meter (FM) net at 7:30 PM (7240 KHz, up 2.5 KHz if frequency is occupied).

So change your calendars!

Mid-Month Social

There will be no Mid-Month Social this month, so FYI.

The decision has been made to move the Social to the second Saturday of the month which, would actually make it a "mid month" event.

The next regular Mid-Month Social will be Saturday January 11, 2020.

As far as location...

It has been decided by the regular attendees that the Mid-Month Social will, for the foreseeable future, continue to be held at The Hotrod Cafe, at 8:00AM. The Hot Rod Cafe is located at 2215 Hualapai Mountain Rd, Kingman, AZ 86401. The concensus is that the Hot Rod Cafe is far more conducive to conversation, parking, and other peripheral conveniences that the Flying-J Denny's just doesn't offer. The turnout has been pretty good, but it would be great to have more of you join us.


While not a Hualapai club event, John Simpkins, KD6GNP, has started a breakfast gathering he calls "Ham-n-Eggs", every Saturday at 8:00AM, at the Kingman Airport Cafe. If you've never been there, the airport cafe has been remodeled and is quite cozy with an aviation theme decor and, it has a nice view of the airfield.

John and I recently spoke about the idea of his gathering joining our breakfast once a month. However, John expressed concern that doing so could have a negative impact for the regular attendees of Ham-n-Eggs. It has been at the airport cafe since inception, and so the group is comfortable with how things are. John, addmittedly, has built a pretty good gathering in a relatively short time.

I attended Ham-n-Eggs this past Saturday and was pleasantly surprised at number of attendees. In any event, John's reasons for not wanting to relocate, even once a month, are valid and completely understandable. I am quite aware of what it took to settle on a location and time for our Mid-Month Social that worked for the most people, so I can't fault John's decision.

All that said, as Ham-n-Eggs meets every Saturday, there is no harmful schedule conflict between the two groups, save that our breakfast will perhaps not get a lot of crossovers from Ham-n-Eggs, but we are doing pretty good on our own.

I would also like to stress that Ham-n-Eggs is not a 'competing' or alternate club. It is simply a bunch of local amateurs, getting together for good conversation over breakfast, not unlike our own get together. John is, nonetheless, an active member of the Hualapai club, so we'll classify the posting of Ham-n-Eggs, under "What Our Members Are Doing"!

Tis the season!

So Have Fun, Be Happy, and most of all Be Safe!!

Until Next YEAR!!!

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